Red Dot Award 2019 for Barista Club Gin

Exceptional! And convincing trade, gastronomy and consumer. Our Barista Club Gin. Now - as a consequence - the Red Dot Design-Award. Confirming outstanding design and belonging to the best in design and business.

Finally, we were able to establish a conceptional, visual and taste-wise statement in a highly dynamic category, that was inundated with product launches over the last years.

It is all about the development of a brand identity including verbal branding and packaging design. In detail: brand in clear focus, the botanicals illustrated in style and the coffee-bean as hero-ingredient applied to a fishing hook. Taste safe on the hook, so to speak. An extraordinary thick paper label refined with a hot seal foil. Great taste, great feel. A multi-sensorial experience.

Rmd bcs coffee gin RD 01

We are so happy! Another big Thank You to our client Sven Peters (Barista Fine Spirits) for encouraging us to bring this impressing design to live. And, of course thanks to the Red dot jury. Cheers!


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