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Ropelius Augmented Reality App HelpYourShelf

We differentiate brands. Strategically, visually, for all relevant touchpoints. That might be a long path. Now there is a shortcut. HelpYourShelf. Our Augmented-Reality-App.

Straight to the point within branding- and design-processes with HelpYourShelf. HelpYourShelf accelerates processes and delivers decision support. HelpYourShelf saves time and money. HelpYourShelf reduces research efforts. HelpYourShelf helps to decide upon the usage of real mockups. HelpYourShelf makes an impression, internally and externally. HelpYourShelf can go everywhere you can. That provides security. Fast. And at an early stage of the process.

HelpYourShelf works, where marketing-decisions are made: on your desk, at the client, on pos, you name it. Simply download the app, open data, scale individually and adjust to usage situation, set lights, and done. And last but not least, a quick picture, that documents the shelf-situation within competitive set.

Convincing, innovative, easy to use. A true Ropelius.-Tool. Take a quick glance right here:

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To all you Early-Adopters, Creators, Jesters, Servants, Performers, Expeditives - all you tech lovers: HelpYourShelf is not availabe in app-stores. HelpYourShelf is part of the Ropelius.-Workflow, a download will be made available within the scope of an active project and by individual agreement.

Thanks to Edeka Corleis for supporting the shooting of the project.



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