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Unique, unmatched design solutions require holistic know-how and skill. Ropelius. takes care of all relevant dimensions of branding. From product concept, through to proofing.

Branding- and Packaging-Design (2D)

Packaging that is deeply integrated into a user’s everyday use is a bestseller. It mirrors societal development. It sets trends. The touch-point needs a masterly packaging strategy as an efficient means to strategically reinforce brand values – Packaging Strategy from Ropelius. With soul and skill.

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Structural- and Product-Design (3D)

Technology, Form, Materials: The most overlooked components of successful packaging. Outstanding, extraordinary, and innovative forms differentiate brands in highly competitive fields. 3D concepts from Ropelius. deliver standing and status.

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Corporate design yields assertive market direction. Without constrictions. A corporate design from Ropelius. embeds all brand components – Logo, typography, colour, additional design elements – and provides a holistic, homogenous, and, of course, a custom (indeed necessary) brand identity in all areas: Print, sales promotions, permanent visibility, interior design, architecture, and of course packing & product design.

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Every beginning is strategic. Ropelius. builds brands and products. From the very onset of conceptual development, to the visual refinement of existing ideas. And nomenclature too. Our first-rate strategy and highly creative design set the foundations for the leading brands of tomorrow. And the day after.

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Final Artwork and Picture Editing

The in-house team of Ropelius. finished artists specialise in repro, image retouching and production. Their expertise go hand in hand with the creation of real world design solutions from start to finish and results in a seamless translation of design to finished art. Fast, efficient and dependable ~ balanced with an understanding of design. No matter where or how production takes place – we deliver excellent branding right through to the market on shelf.

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