Shaping an
individual brand
Structural Design

A beer brand can only distinguish itself by being unique - particularly in its brand identity. With its clear and timeless formal vocabulary, the new Bitburger premium bottle accentuates this distinctiveness. In a year-long development phase, we designed the new bottle in collaboration with product designers from the plx agency. From a total of eleven different bottle drafts, today´s form was chosen as the design winner by a clear margin. The new form ensures that the bottle lies much better in the hand than all competing products. By using lightweight glass, the weight of the beer crate could also be reduced by one kilogram. The claim “Bitte ein Bit“ (“A Bit please“) as a relief on the bottle generates an emotionalas well as haptic experience.


Intensive form analyses, thousands of ideas, hundreds of sketches, endless testing and rejecting – and at the end of this process, a clear design winner that also sets the Bitburger brand apart in terms of bottle design.

production supervision

From fine-tuning over dummy construction to the supervision of prototypes, collaborating with the glass factory, we ensured that a perfect result would go into production. A form that lies better in the hand than all competitive products; made of lightweight glass that reduces the weight of each beer crate by 1kg – with the claim “Bitte ein Bit” (“A Bit please”) as an emotional and haptic relief.


The bottle we developped and that recieved a red dot award, emphasises tradition on the one hand and a contemporary evolution and originality on the other hand. Since the new and individual bottle shape was such a big step toward a new understanding of beer bottles, the lables were deliberately only slightly reworked. As it is typically done in the world of beer, the contemporary development of the design consisted in dalicate facelifts of the frame, the typography and the logo.



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