For animals.
Fast acting.
Relaunch Verpackung

Relaunch of Heel’s veterinary product line. Different
product brands following one design language. The over all look is scientific, effective and contemporary. More emotional for the pet owner, more competent for the veterinarian. Clear information in the right places, quick and easy icons and a strong veterinary competence. Well digestible and effective. Also visually.

Launch Corporate and Packaging

Requirements: Creation of a new category “care“ with medical heritage and Heel-Branding, cosmetic, traditional, everyday. Clear indicating efficacy. For the little – and even larger – pets.

Execution: A logo claiming the new category, copperplate engraved looking illustrations showing the animal types, a care-seal and a new, more intensive colour-scheme. In conjunction with Heel brand elements.

Success: A veterinary product, competent as well as caring by using cosmetic cues like seals and colours - in relation to white. Impressively set to the scene. And, finally, happy user, happy client. That’s the way brands stretch.



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