Rough. Edgy. Holsten.
Brand AND Packaging Relaunch

More modern, younger, fresher. Embracing the shield as a defining symbol of the new product character;
The Knight - bold, strong, and centred; A form referencing the precision and strength of carbon fibre. All this is the new Holsten. Clearly differentiated, premium, with distinguished self-awareness.
Therewith, the trigger and anchor for the new copy strategy, „Rough. Edgy. Holsten.“

Brand AND Packaging Relaunch

Here‘s the Holsten relaunch in direct before-and-after comparison. A large, courageous step in the brand‘s design development. In all edges and corners, Holsten has proven itself: After the change-over in design, Holsten has grown up in an altogether declining market.

The new Holsten range. A brazen, unmissable brand
in its segment, with unmistakable varietal coding.

Brand Relaunch

The fundamentals of the new Holsten look: A strong corporate appearance. Begun with the logo, applied to outdoor advertising and catering equipment, right up to long-haul trucking. Clear and comprehensible.

Final Artwork

An indispensable stop on the route to the implementation of Holsten‘s new branding. Final artwork, litho preparation, and production. With an internal team of six specialists, we cast the appearance as channel-specific and highly professional. A specific challenge being the implementation of the carbon fibre motif on outdoor advertising.



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