Northern freshness
for three generations

Conditioning follows positioning. Derivation as declaration. Where we come from, indulgence is pure and natural. As a result: clear, likeable, using water colours as stylistic device, consumer close and unique. To create a strong brand framework, the new Milram logo - frisian blue - and the backgound enter a symbiosis supported by an own, individually created typeface. That leaves room for strong category specifics. A story well told.

until 2004

since 2004

since 2013

from left to right: until 2004, since 2004, since 2013


10 years of successful branding work in close cooperation. 3 design relaunches of an assortment with 250 SKUs. At least in the beginning. The milestones: from a highly fragmented, product- identitydriven range (until 2004) to a strong umbrella brand (on shelf 2004), which is impactful on shelf and gives clear brand framework for the consumer.The current brand-identity (2013 ongoing): adequatly     emotional but consistent and product-communication-wise precise at the same time. This is how it works:

Illustration PACKAGING

The key-pictures: northern-german landscapes. Emotional, consumer close, easily accessible. For the relaunch resp. the transfer into product branding, we created a style-mix between watercolour and photography, friendly and inviting, also unique. One stylistic device on the one hand, on the other strong differentiation for different product-varieties and connoisseurneedstates. It’s fresh. The northern-german way.

Corporate typeface

Logo leads to typeface. Brand building. In the every detail. From Product-Branding to Corporate-Branding. A consistent, strong element out-and-out. Whether packaging, advertising or online. Typeface creates distinctiveness and recognisability. And creamy taste and fresh breeze, too.



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