Science meets
fountain of Youth
Solal Nutrition

Requirements: Creation of brand- and navigation-system for an assortment of more than 120 skus nutraceutical supplements. With precise information hierarchy and category differentiation, consistent brand blocking, clear brand understanding and visualization of new positioning „Solal’s scientists have found the fountain of youth“.

Execution: Clear focus on brand, sharp separation of cleaned up information area. Up-to-date, more cosmetic range of colours (rose gold), more white spaces for more freshness and younger appearance, reduced but impactful category-differentiation.

Success: More professional, competent and comprehensible. Bolder and consistent mother brand presence across the entire range. Exactly the right implementation for one of the leading south-african brands.

Solal Skincare

Requirements: Refreshment of the Solal skincare range and alignment with the newly developed look and feel of the mother brand.

Ensuring brand consistency with the application of Solal brand framework, moving away from the very masculine black and difficult-to-read typographical layout. The key graphic is a thin circular shape that represents the skin membrane and cells – paying homage to the overarching concept of science meets vitality. Plus the O in a new, youthful rose gold.
Success: A cleaned up, refreshed and professional look that is more attuned to its target audience.

Solal Retorx

Requirements: Development of brand name and design for a new range of nutraceuticals under the Solal
mother brand.

Execution: To demonstrate the enhanced benefits and the quality of the products, we took contextual and visual reference from prescription medicine
(called Rx medicine). As a starting point: the name. Restorx. And, as a consequence, blister packs in a secondary carton box, instead tub or jar packs.
Success: Bright, bold and consistent mother brand presence across the entire range, whilst introducing a new sub-brand in a successful way within the limitations of legislation. GIve your body back what has been lost.




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